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About Our Skin Care Products

Cosmétique SANS SOUCIS - Powerful ingredients of natural origin and thermal spring water

  • All products are made in Germany, where they have been for over 70 years.
  • ISO-certified products, showing superior quality and manufacturing standards.
  • Only cosmetic brand that exclusively uses thermal spring waters from Baden-Baden in all their products.
  • All products dermatologically tested for optimal skin tolerability.

Thermal spring water from Baden-Baden = Energy booster for the skin

The thermal spring water from Baden-Baden contains a variety of minerals and trace elements providing for a feeling of well-being to your skin. Particularly worth mentioning are the following ingredients and their benefits:

Sodium/Potassiumhelp to regulate the water balance
Magnesiumsupports many biochemical processes within the body
Ironis important for the normal function of cells
Manganesesupports skin's natural protective barrier
Silic acidis known for its skin-firming properties
Chloridessupports skin's natural protective acid mantle
Fluoridesplay a valuable role in the strengthening of skin

Roman legionnaires discovered the hot springs of Baden-Baden already around 70 AD. Here, they recovered from exhausting campaigns and cured their diseases.

Cosmétique SANS SOUCIS is worldwide the only cosmetic brand which exclusively uses thermal spring water from Baden-Baden as ingredient in their products.

The spring outflow of the thermal water from Baden-Baden is located at a depth of 2000 m, near the earth's magma core. Artesian pressure of the earth lets it rise to the surface with temperatures between 62°C and 68°C so that it is one of the hottest thermal springs in Europe. A total of twelve different sodium chloride fountains are located in Baden-Baden which are approx. 12,000 to 17,000 years old and which have a daily output of approx. 800,000 l thermal spring water.

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